Saverino & Associates, Inc.

Leading the way to sales and marketing

Setting the Bar for the Industry

Over 150 years of experience selling and marketing in the Convenience segment has brought Team Saverino to lead the industry in marketing and innovations.

The economic growth this segment has encountered over the past 15 years is unprecedented, especially when compared to Petroleum Market predictions. More than 180,000 “stations” nation wide have changed their focus from the original money makers such as cigarettes, petroleum products, and novelty items to become full blown mini Fast Food Stations.

The term Gas Station was common 10 years ago because these stores supplied mainly gas and very few food items outside of the traditional DSD offerings. Today, however, the term Conveniences applies to these same locations which offer custom coffee and enhanced beverage selections to go along with their now third largest contributor to margin, Foodservice. The Convenience Store today is striving to become a destination point by having compelling offers that give the consumer a reason to visit the store on a regular basis.

Team Saverino knew the market would change 15 years ago and over the years, aligned our strategic growth to focus on these compelling offers with a main trust of Branding, reaching within the industry to take the traditional Retail and Foodservice items and create a value sized and easily implemented addition for the Convenience class of trade.