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Saverino & Associates, Inc.

Office Staff

Carol McCue

HR, Accounting, Assistant to the President and sometimes “Community Social Worker”

Carol has been with the company since 1987 and hired as an Office Assistant to the founder’s wife, Bobbie Saverino. What Bobbie didn’t realize then was that Carol would become one of an essential employee in the Saverino family business. Carol wears many hats in the family business, such as Assistant to the Founder and President Frank Saverino Sr, Accounting, Payroll, and HR.

Over the years Carol’s position and dedication along with her knowledge have been put to the test year after year with the growth and expansion of the business.  Beginning with the 2 original States of Coverage and 6 employees to what is today now covering 21 States and over 50 Employees. Her knowledge understanding each States Tax laws and the Federal Business Laws has been an important part of the growth and success of the family business.

Almost forgot to mention, if college credits where allowed, Carol would hold a Ph.D. in (Social Worker/Peace Keeper) unique to a family business! We are very honored as we are with all our employees to have Carol as part of our group.

Connie FitzHenry

Operations Manager

Connie joined the family business back in 2001.  She began her career in the Credits and deductions Department but quickly moved through the ranks as she performed various duties including the Order Department,  System Data Entry, Commission Reconciliation and Time Management. Connie is the type of person that not only understands each position and duties in the office; she is not satisfied until she masters it!

We have watched Connie grow into a master of today’s information systems that our Manufacture clients implement such as, MEI, SDS, SAP, Blue World, Inside Sales and Work Force, just to name a few. Connie has achieved a high level of knowledge of system requirements that it’s no wonder she and the staff are asked to help and assist with client training.

Connie leads the Office Staff with commitment and unwavering dedication to detail.  We are very honored to have her as part of the family business.


Order Processing, Confirmations, Customer Service


Kerri Ann Lee

Order Processing and Customer Service

Kelly Tyson

Order Processing and Customer Service

Marina Hernandez

Confirmation and Invoice Processing



Credits, Deductions & Reconciliation


Jan Samson


Mark Saverino


Barb Bernabei


Katy Hughes

Credits and Deductions and New Item Coordinator for Vending Division



IT, Information Technology

Ron Spizzirri

Senior Information Technologist 

Leticia Crawford

IT, Graphics, System Information and User Liaison and Data Maintenance












Customer Service, Rebate, Accruals, Client Marketing Programs

Cindy Freund

Special Account Manager

Noel Kapa

TRADE SPECIALIST Convenience Rebate Coordinator



General Office

Kathy Cortese

Receptionist and Supply Coordinator

Irene Castro

Shipping / Receiving, Order Entry