Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is deeper than just words put down on paper. We understand all companies are asked to provide a Mission Statement so everyone can read it, go back to it and use it as a reminder of the common goals of the business.

Yes, it’s great to have one, but in a family business the day to day operations are quite different than most, and policies and procedures seem to change at every family dinner.  At one point, as the kids started to get older, we realized the true meaning of the CEO (our mom).  Normally in business the CEO equals Chief Executive Officer.  In a family business CEO equals Chief Emotional Officer.

So, our mission is ever changing, but there are key principals that are the foundation of who we are, and they remain steadfast:

  • ​Make family the #1 priority in life. We welcome every Team member, client, and customer into our family.
  • Treat every person with respect, dignity, and understanding.
  • Always do what’s best for everyone and not just ourselves.
  • To always be ethical even in the most challenging of times.

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Core Business

Core Business

Ten years ago we changed our company logo along with adding Team Saverino as an additional brand to our long established name, Saverino & Associates, Inc. We felt it was the best way to get the message out that we founded our company on a “Winning Team” and...


Frank Saverino, Sr. founded the family business in 1981. He gained extensive knowledge and experience working for Servomation, A.R.A., Tri-R Vending, and V.S.A. of Illinois, now known as VISTAR, to start a new chapter in his life, this began Saverino...


Technology… Again we find ourselves in a world of ever changing Technology that for some reason only a true veteran IT person can explain! It all started when they were young men and women and learned a language most of us will never understand such a...