Vending & The Evolution of Team Saverino

This a small example of the changes that took place over the last 35 years in our Vending World. Team Saverino’s employees, including our founder, began their career in the Vending business before the 1970’s. The family business has kept up with the evolution of changing times and not only adapted but also re-invested in the all of the resources needed. Our information systems are superior and we have one of the best office staffs in the country. They pride themselves on their unmatched assistance to our customers and the Outside Sales force.

Today our team works with several of the top Brands in the world, representing a vast majority of them in all of the states that we currently cover for Vending. The advantage of working with the best Manufacture clients is the many resources they have behind. This allows Team Saverino to change and be flexible to our client’s many needs in this ever-so- fast changing market.

Just as it is for our Convenience Team nearly all of the Vending Team comes from the industry. This also adds great value to our company. The team is always sharing their previous experiences and vast array of time-tested knowledge with the rest of the team.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with your fine company along with our family at Team Saverino.

1st Vending Machine

Did you know . . . . . The first vending machine dispensed holy water? The first recorded contraption was created in first century Egypt, when a man called Hero of Alexandria came up with a device for dispensing holy water in temples. A coin was inserted in a slot, which pushed down a bar to release a precise quantity of water, so that no one could take more than their fair share.